Djay and the changing of. Keys in tracks

Hi all apologies for the perhaps silly question however, is it possible to manipulate or change the key of a track? I can see the setting for keylock however, I cannot find a setting to change the key. Is there such a setting

To change the musical key, select the displayed Key near the song title to bring up a drop down menu. Then press the +/- buttons or use Match to make the selected Key match the key of the song in the other deck.

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Important to know that key lock must be turned on for this to work. You can see in Slak_Jaw‘s screenshot that the key 0 is highlighted in blue: that’s how you want it to be. If it isn’t blue, just tap the number to make it so.


Thanks guys for this. I was struggling to find this out when it was right in front of me. The great thing about this as well is that VoiceOver is extremely accessible even with this feature.

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