Djay App does not open until you have Internet

I have an iPad Mini with Djay iPad App and every time I want to play out, the application does not open, once there internet always asks me to sign me with my Apple account!!
In others words, I have internet at home and I can open the app without problems, but outside of my house I can not until I can connect to the internet and that is very annoying
Please help!


Sorry to hear that. Though, I’m honestly confused.

djay does not require internet and neither does it require you to sign in with your Apple ID.

Did you maybe purchase the app with another Apple ID? Does this also happen to any of your other apps? Please try deleting and re-installing djay via App Store -> Purchases.

Awesome, thanks for letting us know.

Any body of Algoriddim here?

Hi Warren, well it just happens with DJAY APP, deleting and reinstalling has a cost? and what about my cue points and BPM recognition?

I reinstalled the app, it seems that everything is ok