Djay App for Android

When Is this App coming to android?

Thank you for your support.

We currently have no plans for this.

Then you guys don’t like money. Android is the leading mobile platform in the US and the entire world, with 100’s of millions of devices. You are saying no to Millions and millions in revenue.

Hey how come no Android version???

I agree there should be a djay version for android because they dj apps really suck

Basically, someone at DJAY is in bed with apple because there is no logical reason to not do this. The best thing is for someone to make a mirror image app and make it available on the droid system. That would teach a financially painful lesson to Algoriddim.

After further research the ion is owned by numark. so basically they manufactured two devices that are exactly the same and gave them different names but djay does not support them both. The insanity of this is overwhelming.

It would be nice to hear a semi logical reason for not developing this app for android.

Radio silence from Djay.

I’ve invested in this app (iPhone, iPad, iDJ Live, Audio Splitter) and is one of the main reasons why I still use Apple devices. But I would like to have this app available in Android because I’m thinking on buying a new phone later.