DJay App for iPad - Samples - iDJPro

I know about the built in samples on my iPad when connected to my Numark iDJ Pro.

However in a video I saw it was said that you can add custom samples. I have looked around and cannot find a way to do this, so could someone please explain how I can get my own sample sounds available on the iPad, ready to add into the sample board within the djay app.


Hi Ben,

You can either record samples from the turntables or you can add them via iTunes File Sharing:…

Note: The article is about exporting, so in your case you just need to drag and drop the samples into the Documents list.

How do you record samples from the turntables?

Hello Warren, could you please provide a more specific description of how to load files for samples? I did as the article showed above, and I don’t see anything different in my “My Samples” menu when I have Djay on and plugged into my iDJPro. In addition, it would be helpful if you could identify any limitations on file types, etc.


Thank you sir, I knew it was a simple answer.

Many Thanks.