DJay as a fullfledged radio broadcasting software solution

I would love it if DJay or DJay pro could be an internet broadcasting solution. Right now it feels like it’s leaning more towards djs who play on clubs, discos and the like. I would love it if there were features like cart machines, realtime playlists where you could see time elapsed and/or remaining, ability to play input from other sources than the mic and the turntables etc. See Station playlist studio for windows or Radiologik dj for the mac for features i want to see.
Since dJay is reasonably accessible for blind voiceover users and no radio broadcasting app on the Mac is this would be a killer for the blind community to have.

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thank you for your feedback.

djay is supporting nicecast as a broadcasting service, have you trief out using this casting service?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

If it could connect to Shoutcast I would buy a copy but it’s just useless unless as you say do things in a club where you just need music…

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will it work with Ladiacast?