DJay connecting to Reloop RMX33i mixer / split signal not working

Hi all, not sure if anyone can help me or not, got a problem with a new mixer I just got and I’m not sure if I’m being stupid or not (probably am…)

I’ve been using DJay software for years directly on my iPad and was tempted to get this mixer as it seems to connect up directly to that…

It includes a jack splitter cable where one end connects to the iPad and the other 2 plug into the back in “ipad(l)” and “ipad(r)” respectively. I’ve set the output on the iPad to be split, like I do when I’m using my usual splitter cable. However… I just can’t get it all working properly. From what I can tell, the signal isn’t actually split at all, if I play 2 tracks at the same time on DJay, they just come through both the left and right channels anyway.

Has anyone ever had a problem like this when connecting to a mixer supposedly designed to work in conjunction with DJay?


I think it only works when using pre-cueing in Djay for one of the channels. If ‘Split Output’ is on that should give you two separate mono channels on the mixer.

Hi @Darren_Whiting,

Glad to see you back in the community!

Similar to what @Mister_Tuur was saying, djay’s Split-Output audio feature is intended for changing a stereo Main Output signal into two separate mono signals. One for the Main Out and one for Pre-Cueing.

At the time of this legacy hardware’s release, the proper way to use this would be to let djay send out it’s normal stereo signal into the mixer, however, this does not seem to be the case anymore with djay.

We’ve passed this along to our dev team for continued review and will update this thread with additional info as it comes in!