DJay controller with digital out? Does it exist? Beatpad is analog out only :-(

Very excited to have received my Reloop Beatpad controller a few days ago, but to my astonishment it did not have a digital output. I don’t know why I assumed it would have that. It doesn’t :frowning:

Are there any Djay controllers out there that do have a digital output?

I’m asking because I’m looking to buy a new stereo amplifier and was hoping to go direct digital.

If no such controllers exist, does anyone know of good Analog-to-Digital converters that can be used?

Thanks for any help,

Not aware of any controllers with digital out at the moment. Please also note that adding a A-D converter might add latency to your main mix. You should also know that your stereo will have to convert the digital back to analog so you’re basically just adding an extra step.

Thanks Warren,

I think you are right. Online I checked out several well known controllers and even high-end controllers don’t have digital out. The Beatpad actually has balanced XLR outs in addition to the RCA’s, so that’s actually pretty good.

And yeah, adding an A-D converter would be crazy. I’m letting go of the idea of a direct digital only amplifier for now.

It’s okay. I am content with it. I’m actually really liking the Beatpad a lot.