djay Crash with CDJ3000s & DJM-900NXS2

Hi played for 2 hours without a problem and then out of nowhere 4 times in a row Crash, what’s going on ? Cdj 3000 and djm 900nxs2 OS Ventura

Hi @DjRocky, please submit a formal support request through the djay app under Settings>Provide djay Pro Feedback. This way the support team can access your complete crash report instead of partial screenshot. Thanks.

Ok. It happened to me during the evening in the middle of the event, I didn’t have much opportunity to take any other photos or screens

Screenshots are not necessary, djay automatically saves all crash reports internally. You just need to submit them in the way I described above. Thanks!

After further testing, I found out that the cause was in one of the players, when we replaced it, the app was stable. But I dont absolutely know what happened, when I played for 2 hours before without any problem from that player.

Thanks for the extra details @DjRocky.

  1. Are you running the latest firmware from Pioneer on your CDJs and mixer?
  2. Also this sounds like a different issue than the existing one in this topic, so I’m going to move this to it’s own topic.

Hi @DjRocky, please share the following details, plus any other specifics you can remember which might have lead to the crash. Were you running any other applications? WiFi or Bluetooth ON?

  • Device model (ex. MacBook Pro M1):
  • Version of operating system (macOS 14.3.1):
  • Version of djay (ex. 5.1.2):
  • Hardware/controllers used:

WiFi on and BT on
Device model: Macbook Pro M2 2022 8GB
System: macOSVentura 13.0.1
DJay: Now 5.1.2. but the problem was already with the previous version (5.1.1.? or I don’t know what was the number before)
Hardware: 2x CDJ 3000, djm nxs2 900

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Yes we have latest firmware on cdjs but not sure if on mixer too

Great. Thanks for the extra information. There were some identified stability issues with 5.1.1 which caused a memory leak. So, hopefully the crash you experienced was on 5.1.1 not on 5.1.2. Do you know for sure if that is the case?

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Im 100% sure app crashed with both cause. Now I trying with completely same setup like yesterday and everything works right. App dont crash, now I dont understand nothing :sweat_smile:

Okay thanks for the additional info @DjRocky. Did you submit the official support request through the djay app? If so, hopefully the engineering team can find more clues in the crash reports.

Yes, I submited it to the official support

Perfect! Thanks @DjRocky. I suspect they will handle this issue directly going forward then. You can share any new information here if you want to though.

Hi again @DjRocky, I spoke with the engineering team and they have identified the issue. It will be fixed in the next djay release. Thanks!

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