djay Crash

Are you kidding me… it always crashes, it is now unusable , unless you want to look a complete arse ! I have reported this time after time… still no fix.

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DJay Pro 1.0.27671.0, Windows 10. Mine started crashing after an update from you guys (thinking it was Jan 30ish?) and now can count on 1-3 crashes in a night, every time. I sent email to support several days ago with loads of crash reports but no reply. Have used it for over 6 months with rarely a problem, until past few weeks. I upgraded RAM (doubled it to 32 GB) and didn’t change a thing, still crash, mostly when I am searching libraries for a song. No other issues with the computer, no other apps or programs have an issue. When will support respond to the email I sent? How long is normal for any reply? 

Thank you Lukas; I have submitted crash logs and info about my system, Lukas has replied and I am looking forward to more info.

Being impatient and frustrated with the crashes, and being a tech support person as a day job, I am still poking around. I have discovered that many of my crashes occur with searches (mainly spotify) or switching from one playlist to another quickly, while the player is running. As if the GUI was having trouble keeping up or coping.

Biggest visible result I have so far is when I toy with Nvidia drivers, enabling/starting or disabling/stopping Nvidia services or changing settings in Nvidia control panel, it can increase OR decrease the number of crashes greatly. Or it will run but laggy with a lot of spinning. Definitely directly and immediate affects on DJay behavior as soon as Nvidia-related changes are made.

I am still looking for the perfect version and setting, but today after removing an old Nvidia program (dated 2015) and updating the remaining Nvidia drivers, it’s improved for the moment. 5+ hours without a crash, let’s see if that trend continues!!!

I forwarded my Nvidia driver information to support, hoping maybe this can be solved. Not 100% sure Nvidia is the issue but something to consider.

So far getting my Nvidia drivers cleaned out and updated has made a difference. No crashes for two whole days of me running it constantly and poking at it. Have a real gig tonight, that will be the test. Since I take requests, I do a lot of searching and jumping around in menus, which is what usually preceded a crash. GUI is not lagging or getting the spinning circle so far.

Crossing fingers and hoping for a no-crash night, it’s a 4 hour gig and would be great if the fix was as simple as video drivers!!

One crash Thursday night, disappointed and was so hoping it was gone! Another gig tonight, hopefully it behaves reasonably well. Will wait for updates from the support team. 

Hi Tony,

I forked this thread as the original thread was outdated and about djay Pro 1 for the Mac.

The last mail we received from you was about djay Pro for iOS, is that correct?

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing crashes with this version. As asked in my last mail, is the app shutting down and asking you to send a report (crash) or is the Spotify sound not loading?

It would be great if you can send us a reply to our last conversation with more details via mail.

Thank you in advance.


Lukas E.


Thank you for getting in touch.

We are thankful for any information that can be used to improve our Windows version.

Please send infomation to, thank you in advance.

Same problem here. Windows Version. Yesterday 9 hours, 5 crashes. unusable at the moment


Also experienced 3 songs crashs on same night. laptop just didn’t do anything would not let me close program. had to force shut down, the other song let me close the program and restart.But seriously makes it look bad. the needs a fix. also Toto and Africa also says the files corrupt everytime

Its running on windows 10
only spotify and Djay pro 2 open

Need a fix. didnt even have the opertunaity to send a error report!

Just had the new version (2.1) crash during a gig. Never had this happen before the upgrade. The app just closed. Had to quickly plug in my phone to keep music going. Between this and issues with the new sync, it might just be time to go to Serato. Sad considering how long I’ve been using this software and have been a proponent of djay Pro. I’m so disappointed.

I have the same setup and djpro crash wile I’m scrolling playlists on Spotify… Happened twice during last night. Djpro just closed automatically. The owner of the bar was really pissed of it!!!

Hi Lukas how I can send to you the report?

Same problem here, update to last version dont make changes! Crash during scrolling in spotify playlist on windows.