djay crossfader curves

It’s almost “strange” nobody feels like a problem the fact that djay’s crossfader’s curves prevent transitions from keeping the volume constant: is it correct that the global volume increases/decreases while crossfading? Of course it isn’t.

Hi Frederic,

You already posted this as an idea. Please understand that although we do take all requests into consideration, it doesn’t mean that every request you make will definitely make it into an update. Creating a new “Problem” thread everytime we release an update that doesn’t contain your request will not help.

djay is missing an important constant curve… take a look at this:…

I understand this very well, but personally I think that this is a major lack since it’s a standard common feature, nothing special: just keeping the volume constant while crossfading. Being forced to listen to a volume which increases/decreases while crossfading (depending on the only two curves present at the moment) produces mixes which are just not perfect.
This should be a very important issue to you: I hope it is.
Anyway, this is my last request.

I agree. It’s pretty meaningless keeping on filling djay with new supercool features while the basis is just missing: having the volume increasing/decreasing while crossfading is simply horrible.

I just tried it with the same song on both decks and its fine for me! Sorry Mate, hopefully you can get help.

On that note, maybe the cue/master mix on the headphones with the iDJ pro could be fixed too, the volume changes there are drastically when turned from or to master channel. i think its kind of the same problem. but maybe the transition curve would be ideal.