djay + ddj wego3 + tablet Xiaomi Mi Para 4 NOT PLAYING


I have a ddj wego3 and a tablet Xiaomi Mi pad 4.

according with the information It would bê compatível bit when i load the decks play bit doenst work the música, the “plate” its ok but music doenst work.

All things in controller até ok… The faders knbs and the play and cue Button Works ok.

But the music doenst.

Im using the original cable with otg as recomendei.

Is It really compatible?

The system os a Android 8.1 as recomendei

Please send me a solution.



How do you have the controller connected to the tablet?

The usb cable of the ddj + otg adapter from type C

does it have a charging port on the adapter?

No. its a OTG adapter…

Its power the problem?

if i change the cable to a USB from USB type C direct will solve this?

It’s recommended to have an adapter with charging capability. Many times, this solves issues people have as there just isn’t enough power for the controller and device otherwise.

Hi DanM!

Please clarify, you mean not enough power for Android device?

Ive made several test and found out that my Android Xiaomi mi Note 3 charges Wego3 and on the contrary Wego3 doesn’t charge my smartphone while playing. Seems that is why power is not enough.

How can i adjust wego3 to change my smartphone?

I would suggest trying a OTG adapter that offers charging at the same time as connecting a USB cable. You’d just use the normal printer-style cable as you would a laptop.

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