Djay does not stream Spotify via Wlan but uses 3G

On my iphone 5 I just used djay in my appartement using wifi (connection is there and working), but obviously djay does not connect via wifi but uses the mobile connection instead. That caused high costs because I do not have an internet flat. I do not understand, how this could have happend. That really is very annoying. What can I do about this?
Thanks for help, Catharina

Hi Catharina,

Please note that djay has no way of selecting which internet connection to use. it’s automatic and will connect to whatever is available.

As an experiment, you can try the following:

  • open the Settings app
  • go to Cellular
  • turn off “Cellular Data”
  • check your WiFi connection and make sure you’re connected

Then try loading Spotify songs in djay.

By the way, how do you know that djay uses your 3G instead of WiFi?