DJay Equalizer settings (hi/mid/low) keeps resetting

Using DJay on MacOS in the 2deck mode using automix , when I set the 3 Equalizer knobs on either side, they get resettet whenever automixer gets into action to change to the next song.
The checkbox “EQ, FX, Tempo reset” in the settings is unchecked.
Why is that, and how can I have equalizer settings being persistent?

Are you using Neural stems with the Eq at the same time?

Do you mean the small pull down where I can choose between EQ and NEURAL MIX ? This is set to EQ on both sides.

Check your settings there is an option to automaticly reset eqs after playing a track. Switch it off.

As written before: The checkbox “EQ, FX, Tempo reset” in the settings is unchecked.
Is there another setting, and where is it?

If you’re using one of the EQ or NM Xfader FX with Automix or normal mixing this will cause the EQs to move as well, to match the current output from the effect.

It was discussed here, unless these are different issues?


Yes I can see the EQ settings changing dynamically during those seconds of the auto mix process, but how can it be that an advanced software like DJAY which uses AI and all that fancy stuff is not able to restore the EQ user settings for the next track?

I see the problem now. Just had a play on the iPhone version.

Totally agree, they should return back to the original setting following a mix, rather than reverting back to a flat profile….

Definitely an issue there….

Hi @markus222, thanks for sharing this. I see what you’re saying. Thanks to @sooteee for confirming the behavior.
I’m going to forward this onto the engineering team to see what they have to say. I’ll report back here when I have more news.

Hi @markus222, I spoke with the engineering team. This is intentional and expected behavior, as long as the chosen transition involves any EQ. The reasoning here is we assume that restoring EQs settings after an automatic transition would be unexpected or confusing in the majority of cases.

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