djay for free?

I received an email today informing me I could download djay for free (as I am a Spotify Premium subscriber). Every time I try, the links on the algoriddim website take me to the Google Play store where it shows it for $4.99.

Djay2 is available this week in the App Store, for both iPad and iPhone, for free. As part of there app of the week.

This offer only counted for the Apple App Store, as there’s already a demo version for djay 2 at the Goolge Play Store (djay FREE). Sorry for the misunderstanding…

I got the same email this morning. I’m also a Spotify Premium subscriber, and the link to Google Play shows €4.99.

Until I saw your message, I thought it might only be free in the USA; I’m in Ireland.

The links to the Apple App Store show the app for free though.

The link to Google Play appears to have been changed.

It now goes to the “djay FREE” app which is free, rather than the “djay 2” app which is still €4.99 / $4.99.

Not sure what differences there are between the two, but guessing this is a cut down version.