dJay for IOS - How to get songs from the current playlist into the Automix queue or panel


Adding a playlist to Automix is not working on my version of Djay for IOS. Tapping a playlist in the playlists panel on the 2 Deck view fills the song panel with songs from the playlists. I sort the songs by key then tap the icon to show the Automix panel. I also have “Current Playlist” selected in the dropdown but no songs are displayed in the Automix panel. I tried to tap the “Start Automix” button but only get an error message that tells me to “Please add songs to the Automix Queue, or select a playlist or album.” That’s exactly what I did. Seems it’s either a bug or there’s a step I’m missing.

I also use the mac version and it’s so easy to get song tracks into the Automix panel. All I had to do in the mac version is select all of the songs with command-a and drop them into the Automix panel and click the “Start Automix” button. Without an IOS user manual it’s so frustrating.

I do hope someone can share the method to getting the songs into the Automix queue or the ones that are already in the current playlist into the Automix panel.