djay for iOS - The new DJ App - An alternative point of view

There is one thing more exciting than the release of new software from Algoriddim and that is the surge in posts on this forum from the lovers and haters about the new features.

I don’t often post but its Christmas and I feel for Lukas and the team arriving on Monday to the shit storm of comments about their work.

So here are my thoughts …

I am a long time user of Day. I converted from vinyl and found Djay by accident and have been loyal since the beginning. I have tried Traktor, Serato and Virtual DJ but I always return to DJay.

I’m a working DJ but its no longer my main job.

Yes I agree it glitchy, clumsy and lacks features. But its cheap and it has some feature that the others don’t. Sometimes i wished they charged more for it and sorted the problems out. I guess you have to be careful what you wish for.

Yes I hate the new version. But i also hated every other new version they ever brought out. Until 3 months later then I realised I loved the new version and wonder what ever I liked about the old version.

I love the idea to link remix loops with traditional DJ software.

I hate the new charging model.

But I run a business myself and i know you need to do something different to stand out and you need to generate revenue. So I get where you are going with this.

I hate the interface but I will get used to it and I trust that Lukas and the team will put the new found revenue into the upcoming sprints and we will see a flurry of updates until we get something that works.

I have some specific feedback but I will wait till the anger dies down and the first updates come through till I share … or if you are looking for beta testers you know where to find me.

So Lukas and team … stay calm and carry on … don’t let us down … sort out the bugs … I wish you the best of luck … and have a very Merry Christmas.