Djay For ios

Well done Algoriddim for making what has always been “the best DJ app”
into “the worst DJ app Ever!”

Djay for iOS is nothing less than a load of rubbish!
I have been using Djay on iPad professionally for DJing at gigs now since the very first app (Djay) and since then I have been blown away with what this app does & it’s features, it’s ease of use, it’s clear layout and it’s usability.
I have always waited for any updates, features or new versions & always downloaded them immediately! (I have Djay, Djay2 & Djay Pro on my iPad)

So when I saw there was a brand new version out…Djay For IOS I was beyond exited!

That excitement soon fizzled out when I had been “trying” to use the app!
It’s god damn awful!
It’s gone from well designed, to an absolute nightmare, features which were easily accessible are now hidden deep inside other areas, opening up your music can no longer be in a larger view, automix is now impossible to use as I have no idea where to start, there are no large vertical wave forms that replace the old school decks, (as in Djay2) the pitch sliders disappear if you want classic decks and waveform or fx,
The whole usability is absolutely shocking, yes we know you want us to subscribe, but do we need a huge advertisement in the drop down page every time we launch it? No!
It would seem that you have gone from using excellent designers, with a DJs perspective in mind to a bunch of clowns that have absolutely no concept of what a Dj actually needs and uses!
I am utterly shocked how the “King Of DJ apps” can turn into nothing less than a cheap toy that is absolutely useless for any DJ out there!
Yes you’ve got your shiny new “loops” but just think about it!
how many working DJs are actually going to drop loops into their sets live? Errr! Non!
This will be ok for any producer DJs out there (if they can manage to work their way around the awful interface) and that’s it!
And why have you removed Djay2 & Djay Pro from the App Store?
I hope you are going to continue to update these previous apps with updates & bug fixes etc and not concentrate all your energy on this useless piece of rubbish?
Don’t be expecting to win any awards anytime soon with this app algoriddim!

I echo everyone’s sentiment. Very disappointed.

The automix settings need to be the same as what’s on the mac version…or at least I think so. I use windows and iOS but It appears the mac version has ‘song range’ settings under automix, which is missing from the iOS version. The new automix ai cuts out way way too much of the song, I don’t DJ that way. So either let us turn this off or at least tweak it someway please!

I don’t have a problem with the subscription or any other aspect of the app.

Its almost like they WENT BACKWARDS, it looks, feels and functions like the first djay app to ever come out.

I agree with all the disgruntled post here. I loved the simple layout of Djay pro for ipad. Is this crap supposed to replace all versions? Please say it ain’t so! This shit looks like the Nintendo wii djay app. All djay pro needed was some stability enhancement and better Spotify integration. It was near perfect. And no bullshit subscription. Come on guys! It’s too busy, too heavy on the eyes, color is wack, can’t sort Spotify by key anymore, and I’ve just spent a few minutes on this update. I pray it is stable. This could not have come at a worse time with serato adding tidal support. Please don’t drop support for djay pro. I feel ripped off after paying for pro and having to “subscribe” to this crap.

Totally agree with you. I considered myself a pro user than a home dj and I have 4 to 6 weekend gigs a month playing at clubs and i’m with djay since day one, either on iPad or laptop Djay version. I’m so used to Djay pro on ipad and now i really disappointed how Algoriddim turn a consistent ( with a long path to improve, i know… but not in that way they are going now) software into complicated and non sense app. Luckly did not uninstall Djay pro, but i affraid sometime in the future i will be forced to.

I’m sorry, I was with djay from first version till now. On iPad, iPhone and MacOS. After this update is time to finaly leave allgoridim and start to use another sw.

I am using rekordbox DJ almost 1 year. I’m happy again when I DJ-ing. Spotify is fine, but it is possible to live without it :slight_smile: . The latest Algoriddim apps is simply not user friendly any more.

I’ve lost all hope, I use Djay Pro+iPad Air 2+ reloop beatpad 2 , app constantly freezes about 20-30 minutes of use. Make me look a right idiot. Thanks for nothnig, it’s been 6 month or more, I use to email them but Can’t be bother anymore as I get no where, it’s not get satisfaction, it’s get stuffed!

It was heavy and very fresh for use in practice, it still forces you to make a signature. The automix was trash we can no longer interact in it because it is fixed in the current playlist without possibility to skip a track. I signed the “courtesy” but I will still continue with Djay 2 with old version because in the updates more and more they shit the app.

I already had some crash with djay2 but I got it right, I did not have any more problems, I’m testing new djay, let’s see how stable the app is

Absolutely agree with you

If a rival gets Spotify integration, I would have liked Pioneer’s WeDJ to get it, then I think sadly Algoriddim will lose a lot of users.

I am absolutely without words! Why oh why have they done this?

I set up for a gig last night, launched Djay2 & noticed they now want me to update Djay2 to the new version! Not a chance!
I just hope the don’t automatically update it for me?

I absolutely agree … I bought djay pro for ipad just came out and I used it for 1 year professionally with a controller ddj ergo, amazing made me leave the console at home with the cdj 400 that I used. Then I bought a Macbook pro and Djay Pro for midi support and all the comfort of music management. Now this update has come out that has ruined everything you can not use pro controllers without subscription … at prices absurd, I like to buy and own, to the limit I pay a big update. I hope you do not do such a thing on Mac otherwise it is the real time that you abandon the application. Then it is important that the previous versions of Djay 2 and Djay Pro are not abandoned or that they will not stop working with the next update of Ios. I remember that on Ios to have support for Ableton Link and synchronization with samples, there has been for years Cross Dj Pro paired with Remixlive or Launchpad.

I’m also without words with this release. They must’ve been high on something. I’ve never seen a worse introduction of a new version.
All the things mentioned plus lack of communication in regards to product line and plans. They’re clearly going for the toy/gadget market now.

totaly agree not happy with the new Dj app
djay Pro = great
djay 2 good usable app
djay original very innovative

new djay too many layers and not the stuff you need, whats with the enormous switch modes,
and why cant i search for music full screen.

not another