djay for iPad connect with Pioneer Devices

Hello Everybody,

I had a question/Idea about the DJAY 2 (PRO) software.
When I Buy a lightning adapter to Ethernet RJ45 for my Apple iPad device. Can I connect the Djay app with my Ethernet hub and my two CDJ 900 Nexus devices?

I hope so, because the macbook is too much/big for the DJ booth :).
Thanks for your comments,
Kind regards,
Rene Vlugt

Hey Rene, 

thank you very much for contacting us!

Unfortunately the CDJ support is available for djay Pro for Mac. 

So your idea won’t work. 

Kind regards, 

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your comment.
I understand that the connections won’t work, but maybe it’s a idea for the update :).

We use your product, because it has a connection with Spotify and very nice opportunities. But, I don’t want use a macbook, because we want a small devices for that.

Kind regards,