DJay for iPad gave me my musical life back!

First i give you some background info about myself:
I live in Breda, a small town in the south of Holland and I used to play out on regular base in local clubs and festivals as a Reggae and Dancehall selector.
I always played seven inch singles and was carrying big heavy boxes of singles, decks and a mixer everywhere they asked me to play. :wink:

Six years ago I got suddenly ill and now i’m suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.
In the first 4 years i went from running to rolling and nowadays i’m always in a wheelchair.
Besides my legs my left arm also stopped working so you can understand that dj-ing was no longer possible…

Somebody showed me DJay on his iPhone!
I freaked out completely because this was perfect to suit my needs!
Control everything with ONE finger!

Straight away i took my money from the bank and bought an iPad!
I’m using DJay for over a year now in various places and it’s super!
Specially with the new AutoGain function there’s nothing more to wish…

Thanx for the good work!

Martijn that is an amazing story. So sorry to hear what has happened to you, but also so happy that you have found something which allows you to keep your connection with your love of playing music. Good on you. May you always keep selecting!