djay for iPad lagging

When I first start using the app, everything happens right on time (like the loop buttons) but once the app has been running for a while, things start to become delayed. And also, if I have a loop going and I make the loop smaller (ex: from 8 bars to 4 bars to 2 bars, etc.), sometimes it will send the audio back to before the loop starts. Anyone else have this problem?

Hi Henry,

What are you using as sound output?

About the loop issue: Does this always happen? Which loop mode are you using - auto or manual?

Can you please make a video recording of the issue and send it to




I have the newest (3rd generation) iPad, running iOS 6. I even go so far as to make sure that djay is the only app running so I know that memory isn’t an issue.

Hi Warren,

Sound output is usually just to my headphones 99% of the time but even when I’m just listening to the music through the iPad’s speaker, there can be delay. Two examples come to mind that I run into a lot. First is “bounce loop”. When I first start using the app, bounce loops start as soon as I touch the button (1/2, 1/4, etc). After a while though, when I press a bounce loop button, it will be slightly off. Maybe only a fraction of a second but we all know how important timing is in music.

For auto loops, it’s different. Let’s say I start an auto loop with an 8 beat loop. I’ll let that play for a bit. But when I change that existing loop to a shorter loop, such as going from an 8 beat loop to a 4 beat loop, the loop will change accordingly but the song will “jump back” a little bit outside of the start of the loop and then play into the loop and start looping again.

To explain it differently, let’s say my 8 beat loop is looping measures 5 and 6 of a song, for example. When I change the loop from 8 beats to 4 beats, the loop changes but the song jumps back to the end of measure 4 and then plays into measure 5, back into the loop.

I wonder what iPad you have and what iOS version you are running?