djay for iPad

Songs that that previously loaded, won’t load. Icon comes up COULD NOT LOAD TRACK. Started after I updated djay app. Please can you help.


HI Paul,

Which iOS and djay version do you have? What is the exact error message?

Same problem here with iOS 6.0.1/iPhone 5 and latest djay update.

very annoying happens with half of my songs, noticing it just right now…

Here’s some additional info :

Hardware : iPhone 5

iOS : 6.0.1

Djay version : Djay for iPhone 1.6.3

File name of non working songs :
03 Hey Hey (DF’s Attention Dub).m4a
02 Hey Hey (DF’s Attention Vocal Mix).m4a

A video of Djay’s behavior on this link :

A screenshot is also joined in this post.

I hope it helps you enough to fix this quickly, got gigs coming for the year end !

update :

I fixed this ! I first noticed it didn’t play on the iPod app either.

I first connected on the Mac and tried to sync again several times because sometimes I notice iTunes forgets to sync songs but it didn’t help at all.

Then I went on the iPhone and found there was a list of files added manually on the iPhone. I removed them all. Although the songs that had the issue weren’t part of the list, the problem was fixed after syncing again.

Hi Warren

iOS 6.0 - djay version 1.6

Could not load track

The operation couldn’t be completed. No such file or directory.

THANKS for your help.


I have this problem on my iPad. Can you please tell me exactly in detail what you did?

Thanks a lot!!

Hi Warren,

I have the same problem, please help!!