Djay for iPhone keep searching but does not find macs running djay

I am running Djay on iPhone 5 and iPhone 3gs and both keep searching but cannot find djay on my macbook pro. How can I get around this.

Hi Thobile,

Do you mean djay Remote? Please perform the following:

  • make sure your iPhone(s) and your Mac are on the same Wi-Fi network
  • force-quit djay Remote on your iPhone
  • make sure that djay for Mac is up and running
  • launch djay Remote again

Was having the same problem, a setting on Mac DJay fixed it that I don’t see suggested above. Make sure the Mac app is checked for Look for iPhone and iPod Touch Remotes. It is under the Advanced settings.

This is an old thread so I assume you’ve solved it, but for anyone new who finds this as did I.

(Working nicely too. Would be nice if it could somehow show album info, a suggestion if any staff sees this.)