djay for Mac and Nicecast

I am not able to use pre-cueing when using djay and broadcasting with Nicecast.

Any ideas as to why this would not be working?

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Looking to hire help setting up djay and nicecast..


I’m looking for someone to help me get my djay and nicecast working together. Nicecast is working fine, but I want to use djay with it for live broadcasting and I’m not getting anywhere with it by myself : )

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I’ll test this and get back to you.

Forgot to ask: What is your Devices setup in djay? Please upload a screenshot.
Also, what did you select as source in Nicecast?

But what are you using as a Pre-Cueing device then? Please go to djay -> Preferences -> Devices and take a screenshot of this window.

Thanks for posting this!

Hi Pasquale,

Please check cheekyage’s solution above and see if it works for you.

Great, thanks for letting me know.

Hi Emi,

I recommend contacting Rogue Amoeba Support regarding this. Since it’s a beta version, they might still be able to do something.

Have you tried using the official version?

Yo! Thank you so much for posting. Just solved my 2month ongoing problem I think. Any of you guys have any trouble with selecting the split output for precueing? I had done this in the past and my listeners and stream could hear me precue on their end. in other words, they heard me sync the songs i mixed in that normally we dj’s rather them not hear! Either way, I have a show tonight at 9pm central on and hope that this change from multi-process mode resolves my issue as I can now precue with my Spin and could not before today. So, thanks again so much!!! you rock!!!

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Thanks Warren.

Looking forward to your advice.

Hi Warren,

I have no devices setup in djay besides a Rode Podcaster USB mic.

I am not using any controllers, just keyboard use only.

My primary use for djay is to host live broadcast radio shows and podcasts.

Hi guys,

I managed to get Nicecast to work with djay once you hit the ‘Start Broacasting’ button.

You need to change the Advanced Hijacking option to ‘Standard Mode’

Mine was selected on ‘Multi-Process Mode’

To do this:

  1. Hit the ‘Source’ button located on the front of the broadcast window
  2. Your source should be selected with djay. Click on the ‘Advanced…’ button beneath the Application drop down
  3. Radio button select ‘Standard Mode’

I have this same issue as well. When i have DJay open, i can get pre-cueing to work fine with my Presonus Firebox interface on channels 5 and 6. As soon as i hit the “Start Broadcast” button on Nicecast, the channel is completely silent. If i stop broadcasting it comes back immediately.


Mine was in fact in Multi-Process mode. I will try to change it to standard and will get back to you how that works after my next radio show.

Thanks for the replies!

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cuing using spin and nicecast.

Hi there have a question I recently used nicecast broadcasting but my cuing on spin would stop when using nicecast. Is there a setting that I missed when cuing?

Thanks I actually got a reply from nicecast and yes standard mode worked

grazie grazie grazie!!!