djay for Mac - cue point behavior

happy owner of djay for mac, but cannot get used to how the cue process works under djay. Just want to load a song, scrub around and set a cue point. (using a DDJ-Ergo by the way). From what i understand i have to play the song first, pause it and then scrub and set a cue? Any plans of reintroducing the old fashioned cue’ing please

You’re right, the Cue-Point can be set after a playing track is stopped. If your track is loaded but not played (which can be changed at the Preferences), you have to play the track and stop it again in order to set the Cue-Point.
Can you tell what would better work out for you?

Hey Adrian, thanks for your reply. What I’m referring to ( and in the forum I noticed more people talking about it), is to be able to load a song and without playing it first use the platters to scrub forward to find a proper first beat and press the cue button. This done on the second deck while the first deck is playing. You would hear the scrubbing forward in your headphones.

This is the way it works in traktor and virtualdj - these programs even jump to the first beat automatically if you want.

The way it works now in djay upsets my normal routine of loading the next song, cue it and mix later on.

Other than that, very happy with the program and especially the spotify integration!

Keep up the good work!