Djay for PC

WTF We all need Djay for PC… !! Voteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

No we don’t! PC’s suck and that is why they only make this for Mac.

They are an APPLE company, They only make APPLE software.

When apple does the next update, you will LOSE all functionality of the software, so good luck with that.

They stick with Mac because it is MUCH easier to support. The results are very predictable and generally there is no tweaking necessary from developer to end user. Windows PC’s are VERY effective in their own right and I use them every day but thinking “We all need Djay for PC” is a reach at best.

Did the updates break the function as mentioned above? It will keep happening in the future as well so I am not sure how fruitful this effort is TBH. Sorry to hear that though.

Most of the major audio problems are from Windows PCs. Probably why they want to stay clear.

They could do it but you all will probably be upset and yelling wanting a refund.

Do you still think it’s worth them going ahead?

I succeeded to install a Hackintosh (Iaktos) on a PC.

Just to say that honestly, there is no difference in hardware terms but indeed in software terms.

Hope they will released it soon since from what i’ve tested, i found it a great software.

Until now that has worked perfectly, it is more for my home laptop. I have a macbook for production environement.

PC’s Suck because you never took the the time to learn how they work.

I use Virtual DJ 8 with the controller on my PC, and it all works fine. Do you think iWatch version is more stable than Windows 10 on i7 with 16GB RAM.

There are 500 milion people in Europe who mostly use Windows PCs. I use multiple DJing suits with my controller, and I cannot see the reason why not to introduce this version.

Do you get controller support from that emulation?