djay for Pioneer XDJ R1

I have been a fan of djay for over a year, and just recently purchased the Pioneer XDJ R1. How great would it be if we could use djay with this product?!!!

I need it too,

Do you mean Mac, iPad or iPhone?

On the Mac, you can also use it via “MIDI learn”. Open “Configure…” from the “MIDI” menu to map your controller.

It’s not supported on iOS, sorry.


Feel free to post it as an “Idea” here in our forum.

Hi could I get the map for the Xdj-R1 please Joe? My address is as I would like to use this as a controller with djay pro on windows; Anders or Lukas E this is a currently unsupported device by pioneer and you would open up a fair market of pioneer customers if you included WiFi access to the original WiFi all in one xdj r1/xdj aero etc. Just a thought.

I mean from the iPad.

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…“yet” or “ever”?

yea good question

I don’t need it to work wireless I just wanted to be able to controller

I’ve been a DJ for many years & have the high end setup (CDJ 2000’s…) I want to purchase the XDJ-R1 but am waiting for mapping to DJay app… Pretty much would be the ideal setup for mobile

I have a well functioning midi map for the XDJ – R1 that I’d be happy to share. It has MIDI controls as well as LED indicator signals.

please give me tu midi xdr r1… = thanks thanks

please import xdj r1

Please i need too thanks