Djay for Windows freezes on start up

I was using the beta, downloaded the release demo on Windows and it freezes on start up.

Hey Justin, 

thank you for your post. Can you tell us which device and Windows version you are using and if you are receiving an error?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Can you upload a video of the explained behaviour so I can forward this directly to the developers?

Thank you in advance.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Wayne Preston, 

is djay Pro for Windows freezing at startup? Are you able to reproduce the freeze and send me a video of the explained behaviour, that would help us tons. 

Regarding Spotify, what do you mean with “keeping links” are you losing the connection or do you get logged out of Spotify?
Thank you in advance for your help, we will do our best to better your experience with djay Pro for Windows as well.

Cheers,Lukas E.

HP laptop most recent version of Windows 10 and I don’t get an error message upon start up the program freezes almost immediately if I’m fast enough I get past the user agreement but then it still freezes no error message it just locks up and I have to shut it down from the till bar.

I’m not sure if Windows was the problem but Windows 10 just got an update and it works now, it still has an issue where it crashes while analyzing songs, I do have a lot of music on my laptop but other apps I use can analyze my entire library without a problem and I was hoping the same for djay pro

The thing hangs on and off for no reason at all! Also it has MAJOR ISSUES keeping links to your Spotify account. This has WAAAAAY too many issues to have ever been released for retail the way it is right now. I will be seeking a refund as this thing BEYOND a joke!