DJAY "Forgets" Cue points, Midi Mapping, And all analyzed songs =(

Hey so Ive been using Djay for a very long time and actually went back to using the original version because I prefer it, but a few times Ive come back to the program to see that everything that was saved is now gone. Wondering if anyone knew how to help with this

Hi Miles Lentz,

we are sorry to hear that.
Can you tell us which version of djay you used and did you deinstall djay in the meantime?

Lukas E.

Thank you for the follow up, which Metadata is still in place and which is not?

Lukas E.

Thank you for the follow up.
Can you see a pattern in the metadata loss?
Can you contact us via an tell us which macOS version you are using, please title the mail “To Lukas E” and attach the forum link.

Thank you kind,

Lukas E.

Hey Mix Master G thanks great response! I have a question! Do you know where the Key information about track are stored by djay pro for mac? Thanks ,

Hi Miles,

Let me clearly state I’m not affiliated with Algoriddim and I feel your dissapointment. I’ve been down that road various times with various music (collection) software from Traktor to Serato etc.
I want to step up on Algoriddim’s behalf because I’m affraid that what you describe is completely user inflicted (yes unintentional offcourse but nevertheless to say it bluntly “you messed around a bit too much” without exactly knowing what you are doing.) And I dont mean this in any negative way (just an observation). But there is hope for you!

As the author of a utility to convert cues/beatgrids etc for and to djay (both MacOS and iOS) I can call myself some kind of "expert’ on the issue of djay handling cues/beatgrids and the like.

For it’s meta data djay solely relies on iTunes. Personally I like that mechanism because it gives you only one point (iTunes) to edit your metadata (wish all other programs followed this rule, Rekordbox does if you use their build in sync manager). So it does not write back to any track files.

Then there is the data djay produces when analyzing tracks. This data is stored completely seperate from the track files (kudos! Traktor stores it sometimes in a trackfile for instance which can give big syncing problems). This data is stored at

~/library/containers/com.algoriddim.djay-pro-mac/data/Library/Application support/Algoriddim

Use the goto folder function of the Finder to quickly get there.
There is a folder named “Metadata” at that location containg all sub folders with files. Those files are named cryptically but roughly contain all the data djay gathers from analyzing the track including the graphical presentation (the wave you see on screen).

at the
~/library/containers/com.algoriddim.djay-pro-mac/data/Library/Application support/Algoriddim

there is also a file named
djay Preset Library.plist

That file holds all user edited information about the files (cues, beatgrid, user set bpm and the like).
There is only 1 such file and it holds the data for all the tracks in your entire collection, lose the file and you lose all your cues etc. You said you had backup, see if that file is in your backup and you’ll be fine.

I’ve never seen djay write any info to any track file (again kudos for Algoriddim thats what I like my music programs to do:only read track files but never ever write to it). And the loss of your cues I explained above. Hope you can restore all you’ve lost from your backup. (and that some other users can be beneficiary from me sharing this information)

Oh my conversion utility is at

hi Philippe

yes I do and there is not much what we can do about it. its in the analyze info, I can get it inside the djay Preset Library.plist, but its just an integer number. No way I can get it to open key let alone Camelot key

Hey guys thanks for the quick response, Im using version 4.02 and i did delete djay from my applications but the metadata is still in place. The problem still exists after re downloading

Hello thanks for taking the time to help me get this figured out…Attached is a couple screen shots to better show my issues. So after this issue arose I started trying to fix it by uninstalling Djay and deleting all files associated. That being the entire algoriddim folder in the Library/Containers, and my mysterious Djay folder that shows up in my User/Music Folder (I saved both folders on my external hard drive before deleting) After deleting and reinstalling I was curious to see where Djay would put its new info from cue points and song analyzations without a folder for the files already made, and thats when I noticed that it had recreated the “DJAY” folder in my Users/Music folder. I then replaced both the Cached Data.Plist and the Library Data.Plist with my most relevant files that have more info saved in them. It seems like thats when I lost most of my cue points and other info. There also seems to be an issue with Djay analyzing the songs though. It has saved the key and bpm of every track in my library but occasionally ill come across a song that doesn’t load up to the decks and just gives me a little waiting circle, I found that when I open iTunes in the background, It makes it so that those songs will load but all my cue point info is gone. The deck also shows the wave form being loading as if it had never been analyzed but the bpm and key in clearly seen in djay already.

I tried updating my version and the problem still exists, also I am most comfortable with version 4.02, I don’t need the new flashy interface. I like to keep things simple, and would love to get this back working again, at this point Im pretty tempted to just switch to a new DJ program =(

Here are some screen shots

I cannot, and while trying to fix this issue I somehow deleted a bunch of my music trying to reinstall iTunes. I no longer have any desire to use your software. I am absolutely livid. This is completely unacceptable. Just wanted you guys to know you have lost a customer forever.

Hey man I appreciate you taking the time to help me get this fixed, and I understand that I might have screwed this up myself but its a multitude of things making me want to stop using djay, not just the loss of my meta data. And if you would have read the first parts of my post you would have seen that the folder where djay keeps its info in /library/containers/com.algoriddim.djay-pro-mac/data/Library/Application support/Algoriddim
Is gone. There is no folder for Algoriddim in containers whatsoever and it has instead chosen to create its own folder called “Djay” in my user/music folder with all of the same info. I did have a back up of the original info but my external drive stopped working and now im boned. I Have allready accepted that some of my music is probably gone, and that maybe its time to switch to a more proffesional quality mixing program. Nothing against you or algoriddim, ive used this product for a long time with minimal issues but I really dont like how the forrums are your only form of costumer support, and also how you guys and itunes both keep making new versions to make things more sleek and flashy. I dont care about that at all. I just want a program that doesnt change everything in an ubdate every time I get used to using it. The only real reason I used djay is because of its key chart functionality but now that I have mixed in key (of course you guys are not compatible) I have no more use for dj. I appreciate the support tho. Thanks for trying.