Djay freezes when having connection problems with spotify

Hey there I regularly dj as a resident in a bowling alley…
I do this with a reloop beatpad. So far so good. Sometimes it seems that djay is loosing connection with spottify which then leads to djay freezing or reacting very slowly. Audio plays through luckily (if it is not the end of a track) but you can’t do anything. Also to fix the connection problem I turn wifi off and on again which then makes day reconnect, but also stops the current running track right where it is (even though it was completely buffered) creating an unwanted break.

Plus pls make a layout for the beat pad where you can see the fx your on without having the fx menu open.

Thanks Matias

Does this happen every time you have connection problems?

Were you doing a search at the time of the freeze? That’s when mine freezes.

And a second layout for loop beat length :slight_smile:
I miss that one a lot!

Those 2 changes in the layout will definatly increse usability!

And some feedback would be nice Too!

Pretty much yes… It won’t preview and load songs anymore before I reset the WiFi… And it will freeze at least the interface for some time (5-15 sec) I always get scared the audio is going to drop out as well… Mostly it doesn’t and resumes function, sometimes it does and that’s where the audience starts to notice because the sound stops right in the middle of a track.

Here a recent lockout…

I think yes. how big my Spotify library is? Well I don’t know. Don’t have much saved to play offline…

yes this is a major issue I tried to DJ a birthday party the other night and it hung up, I did an Oogla Wifi speed test and it was maxed out, I had to plug my phone into an extra line in and used Spotify off of it For request, also, i had a crash when trying to go back to the itunes playlist from spotify, had to delete and reinstall, (ipad air) all this after your casio update, (i am using wego 3) can you fix this please and thank you have a nice weekend.

also maybe I should mention this in another thread but incrementing the new Beatport streaming service wouldn’t be a bad idea either

Guys, how big is your Spotify library, approximately?
@Matias: Did the freeze also happen after connection problems with Spotify?

I just got Djay Pro, after using Djay, and Djay 2 with no problems whatsoever. I am not a Professional DJ, but I teach dance, and tend bar. The pitch control makes my life as an instructor so much easier. In the bar, I just let it play while I run around like a madman, with a Martini Shaker in one hand, and the throat of unruly customers in the other. On my first use, it just froze. I restarted the program, and it was fine. Day 2, same thing…half way through a song it just quit. I have used TraktorDJ as well, and I think I may have to go back, as I have never had any issues. Sad really, as Djay Pro’s interface appeals to me much more.

I use Spotify with djay2 & reloop beatpad, never had any issues whatsoever, but last weekend after around 3 hours track on Spotify started to buffer/break up! I switched to my iTunes library then switched back to Spotify after about 15 mins and it was fine, until another hour or so & it started again!
I put this down to the poor wi fi in the hotel I was working, but last night I was back at my residency, and after about 3 hours it did it again, exactly the same! And that wi fi is exellent and fast! So its not a wi fi issue! Any ideas?