dJay freezing two or three times a night


Ive been using Djay for two months in a club with no problems. Until last week.

Last Saturday, after using the app for maybe 3 hours with no problems, it froze. By this I mean audio stopped, the interface froze - nothing moved - and I had to re-start the app to fix the problem.

This then happened a further two times during the night - 3 times in six hours - randomly.
It then happened to me again twice last night. Exactly the same scenario.

To a packed dancefloor with 300 people on it - not a lot of fun for me.

I’m running the app on a 64gb (new) Ipad using ios 6.1.
I’m running the latest version of Djay - 1.6.3.
This happens both with or without using the Vestax Spin
This doesn’t occur on ‘certain songs’ - it’s been different ones each time.

I really cant afford to use this again until this issue is fixed - which will mean me giving up on the app. A shame because I have been a fan so far and actually switched from Traktor.

Any help you could give would be great



No - Ive since discovered this is the Osstatus error 12178 that other users have reported in the last week or two.
Can this get fixed asap please guys? This will be the third weekend without a fix, rendering the software useless - errors need fixing quicker than this!

did u jailbreak your ipad???

Agree…keep having it drop tracks and not even recognize some tracks