Djay + iDjay pro

After using iDJay with the iDJ Pro controller - I really like it and seems very stable and very responsive to the controller - but compared to using CrossDJ there are some features of that which I still prefer… some people have already suggested some of these so hopefully they may get included in an update:

Better at syncing - in fact can rely on it beat matching without headphones
Tracks mixed overlay with beat markers at the top - two tracks different colours
Loop modes on screen available always and with slip mode
FX touchpad is larger area to allow more range and shows cross hairs
Wider Range of Touchpad Effects and filters
Track selection menu is nicer - slick dark background and shows artwork and rating

  • and dims tracks once played

Would be nice if tracks could be ordered into set list and also to review tracks played in a session to save to a set list.

It doesn’t… I’m hoping they will - but it’s also gonna need the ability to work in portrait screen orientation to be able to do that…

Hi dj jaybee.
Do you know if cross dj works with idj pro?