DJay iOS 4 Headphone cue buttons??

Where did my headphone cue buttons go?

First of all you need to have a midi controller/audio interface connected to your iOS device otherwise the Headphone symbol doesn’t show in the djay interface. If you don’t have a controller then you need to select the Split Output option in the Settings->Audio Device Setup->Pre-Cueing->Split Output.

After this, the location of the headphone icon in djay depends on your iOS device and if you are using Hardware Mode or not. Note that you need to be in the Mixer/EQ display mode in djay first. See below:

iPad with Hardware Mode On

iPad with Hardware Mode Off

iPhone with Hardware Mode Off


OK, I found that, it is weird… if you hit the eq button in the mixer section, you no longer have the cue buttons… I prefer having the mixer EQ up on screen between my cue buttons.

I am only using a Behringer Flow 8 as an external Audio device and it is splitting my cue. I use the screen as my interface, until I find a midi controller that suits all my needs (maybe the Mixon 8) eventually.

2012 12" iPad Pro 2TB (so no headphone jack (I used to split cue with a splitter from the headphone jack.)

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