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Hello to everyone here in the forum.
I bought a Reloop Mixtour on ebay and now I want to use my old iPad (12.5.5) as well as my MacBook Air M1. On the Mac, I have the purchase version of djay Pro AI installed on the iPad, but only the classic version. I would like to use Automix on the iPad. This is also not displayed as a “PRO” function. Unfortunately, I am always asked to switch to “PRO”. My question to you is, is this function still free of charge? Does anyone have a tip on how to get the Auto function to work on the iPad?
Best wishes and a happy new year.


If you have bought djay PRO AI from apple store:

  1. login to ipad with same apple id

  2. in ipad login to apple store with same apple id

and you should be able to download and use the latest djay Pro AI.

But I don’t own iPad, so I’m not so sure what functions requires subscription, neural mix at least but…

Hi dj_ romy_fi,
thank you for the super fast answer. I use the same Apple ID on the iPad and the Mac. The software is still different. On the Mac it is djay for Mac and on the iPad it is djay for iOS. The price models are also different. I’m just surprised that Automix isn’t marked as PRO, but it still doesn’t work. It works perfectly on Android.
Kind regards

Like Romy is saying, if you have the full version on Mac, you should be able to run the full iPad version (for ‘free’) too.

Thank you very much for the help. It is very nice that you are supporting me so well. Maybe I’m thinking the wrong way. I bought the DJay 2 app in 2020 for about 50 euros. Then came the update from Algoriddem to DJay Pro AI. I don’t need the AI functions and therefore didn’t update to the ABO version.
The Automix is probably only available in the AI version. I was unsure because the Automix on the iPad is marked as not Pro. On the iPad, Looper, One Deck, 4 Decks and Video are marked Pro.
What is strange is that I can use these functions on the MacBook.

I think it is what it is :wink:

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