djay iOS compatibility with controller -iPad works iPhone (iOS 16.3) doesn't?

I have dug out my old Numark iDJ Pro which worked well with the old djay app on an iPad 3 a few years ago…

Rather than go out and buy a new controller I tested it with an iPad Air (iOS 12.5.7) running the current djay app with a Lightning to 30pin converter, and it worked perfectly running on 4.1.4. I also tried the controller with the djay Pro Ai app on OSX and was recognized and worked fine.

I then tried my iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 16.3 and djay 4.1.5 with the same Lightning converter and it did not work at all, iPhone begun to charge but was not recognized by the app. Tried rescanning for MIDI devices but “Network Session 1” was permanently listed as the only MIDI device. midiwrench recognized the iDJPro but had it listed as offline.

I then tried an iPhone XR running iOS 16.2 which recognized the iDJPro within Settings/General/About.

I then tried an iPhone X running iOS 15.6.1 which also recognized iDJPro in the Settings/General/About and testing with djay 4.1.5 worked fine.

Does anyone know why the iPhone 14 Pro on the latest iOS version did not work? Does iOS 16.3 or the 14 Pro have any known compatibility issues? Is this issue also likely to happen if I wanted to use a later (Lightning) iPad running the latest iOS?

Any help would be appreciated!

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