Djay key lock doesn't stay on

Another good idea would be a 3rd toggle mode for changing the pitch, but not the speed/bpm. (Is this understandable, english is not my native…)

yes, in the meantime, i found out somebody already requested it, please upvote:…

Even on a newer ipad? It should still have an option available to capable devices … Like the high precision analysis and auto gain…? I guess id rather get used to turning it on manually then it messing up live audio… Im sure running 4 separate channels for idj pro uses up quite a bit itself… ?

Dan, i know your the man for this question and need your help. Came across you through google’ing how to play songs in Dj’ay using a seagate goflex wireless hardrive. Could you talk me through how to do this? No-one seams to know how. I’d need to know what ‘Open In’ programme would need to be downloaded and what the exact steps are. Really hope you can be the savour and help me out. I wish i’d not bought this hardrive now ha ha! finding it no use with djay. I know your the man to help me with this one. Hope you can help. If you can email me to it would be appreciated.

Cheers Dan.


Ha ha, i have an idj pro. I have mainstream of 5,000 tracks on ipad, popular tracks that get mainly requested, but be nice to have the whole database too. at moment it’s a ipod touch wired up to wirless hardrive, with phonos going from ipod touch to ipad. I wonder if there was a way to transfer files from an ipod touch direct to itunes library on the ipad ha ha. (all on the fly)

with phonos going from iphone touch to the idj pro phonos aux’ should i re-phrase ha ha :slight_smile:

Turned on when necessary… @wirelessdj below says it how it is, it is _always_ turned on when you play. So it’s always necessary. With iPads and iPhones being more than capable I think it should be a permanent switch.


+1! It’s a mandatory option for the key lock to remain ON!

Keylock on switch = essential