Djay key lock doesn't stay on

I assume there is no way to have the keylock permanently on? it needs to be turned on with every new track. I hope you fix this in future updates.

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permanent key lock on, and damn the processor consequences.
if algoriddim KNOW this is not going to happen speak now.
other, more feature-full dj apps seem to be ok with this.


As a professional DJ, I use key lock all the time. please add feature to toggle and leave on.

>using a seagate goflex wireless hardDrive

I would have bought a IDJ pro by now if this were possible

^^ Agree. Please make pitch lock available to stay on. I have an iPhone 5 with PLENTY of power.

^^ Correct answer. There’s absolutely no reason to NOT allow users to leave Key Lock on.

The people have spoken, Algoriddim. Anyone listening over there?

I third this. Meet us halfway? Have a setting in the menu to leave keylock on?


Could you please include this option asap!
I have it turned on for every tune on an ipad 2 with no issues at all!
please please? Its a real hassle as it is. ta


This feature is very processor intensive so we decided that it should only be turned on manually whenever necessary.

Bumping this great idea!

I second that emotion!

Even if it is processor intensive, I use keylock for every tune, and I never notice any slowdown on DJay, it’s stable as hell! Please include a toggle option :slight_smile:

I second that suggestion. Let the user decide if it’s necessary by turning it on or off only once.

I would love to be able to kept the key on. Will be nice to have that feature in the app settings. Thanks

We should have the option to activate ‘Key Lock’ and have it remain on for both decks at all times and also the option to turn it off and use it as-needed. The choice should be the DJ’s. If we need it, then we accept the extra demand on the processor. Does it “eat up” system resources if the 'key-lock is on, but the slider is at 0%? If not, why not have it ready for when it’s needed?

Thank you


I sent you an email explaining how I get songs from the GoFlex to the ipad. If you have the new hard drive (1GB model), your GUI may be different than mine.



do you mean a voice/keynote pitcher ? same speed but different keynote ?
really a good idea !!!

or atleast have the option to automatically turn on key lock when syncing?

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