djay Library Previews Often Won't Play

I often can’t get previews to play when clicking on the preview icon in the djay Pro Ai Library. It’s intermittent though. Sometimes it works fine in song after song in the Library while other times nothing previews.

Anyone having same issue or know workaround? I use this feature often to check how currently play songs end to get an idea on upcoming transitions but can’t get reliable previews.

Using latest Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.2 on MacBook Pro with latest djay 3.0.7. Behavior is seen on djay with midi dj controller AND when no controller connected.

Hi @CliffyPop,

Are you referring to these pre-cue icons on our UI?
A: Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 10.24.04

Or are you referring to this preview?
B: Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 10.26.12

You said this also occurs with and without a controller. When you use a controller, do you press on the pre-cueing button on your controller? What MIDI controller are you using? Did you change anything in the mapping?

@Guillermo, thanks for taking the time and effort to include screenshots which I should have done in in the first place. I figured specifying the Library would be sufficient.

Controller is Pioneer WeGo4 and no changes to mapping (but remember I get same result when controller is unplugged). I’ve just started using djay on Mac OS and and have made no significant edits. Save for a few minor settings in Preferences, it’s entirely default install. Maybe I should uninstall all settings for djay and try again at completely default. I have been using djay Pro on my iPad for some time so the Mac version is reading whatever it takes in from iCloud like cue points and hot cues, etc.

There’s no problem with pre-cueing. I’m referring to screenshot B about previews in the Library. They still don’t work properly for me, but I found a consistent behavior at least:

When I select a source in the Library tab buttons column then select a playlist or folder of tracks I can get previews to work (which continue to work on other tracks in the same list/folder). However, if I then select another list/folder in the same Library source, previews stop working and won’t work again even if I go back the list/folder that was just working. Next, if I select a different source in the Library tab buttons and select a new list/folder, the same behavior happens exactly as before where it works once and then not again.

I’ve made a screenshot video that clearly shows the behavior. There’s no audio but you can see when a preview is working because the little scrubbing dropdown appears.

@Guillermo, I also just found another interesting behavior and a solid workaround:

I tried using the keyboard shortcuts to activate previews (Prefs > Shortcuts > Music Library / Preview Selected Track). This works every time but obviously the track must be selected (and highlighted with red background) before a shortcut can be pressed to preview it. I can then keyboard arrow up or down and shortcut preview any other track in the current list WHICH INCLUDES clicking the preview icon next to the track’s title via the trackpad/mouse and any other track in the same list without highlighting it first.

This gave me the idea that if I goto any list from any source and first highlight the track—AND THEN click the preview icon via trackpad/mouse—the preview audio always works! PLUS I can then preview any other track in the same list via trackpad/mouse without having to highlight it first.

If I then try to preview a track in a different list via trackpad/mouse without first highlighting it, the same problem occurs where the preview fails.

So, this tells me that the app needs a little tweak to let it preview any track in any Library list regardless of whether it’s first highlighted or not when using a trackpad/mouse.


  1. Select a playlist or folder to preview in the Library
  2. Click any track in the playlist/folder so that it’s highlighted FIRST (entire track row appears in red background)
  3. Click the Preview icon next to any title in the same playlist/folder (or keyboard shortcut to preview the highlighted track)

Repeat from step 1 for any other playlist/folder

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