Djay MAC and Airplay

Hi all,

I update the new version this morning, I see Airplay, I configure to external Airplay but I can’t choose the Airplay… I have 2 airport express

There is topic to choose?

Thank you

Hi Mathieu,

I am sorry but I’m not sure what your question is. Can you please explain more?

Hi Sandor,

djay for Mac (4.0.6 or better) only supports AirPlay on OS X Mountain Lion (or better).

If you have more than one AirPlay device in the same wireless network, please try the following:

  • Open “Audio MIDI Setup” app and select “Show Audio Window” from the “Window” menu.
  • Click on AirPlay in the left tab.
  • In the right tab, there should be a dropdown option where you can select the desired AirPlay device.

Hi Sandor,

3rd Party apps such as djay cannot use AirPlay in older OS X versions. This feature was first introduced in Mountain Lion.

3rd Party apps such as djay cannot use AirPlay in older OS X versions. This feature was first introduced in Mountain Lion.

thanks for answer. I have 1 Airport Express and 1 Apple Tv, when I go on Djay settings, I choose Airplay on Master and I can’t choose Airport express or Apple Tv, it’s going randomly on one of theses two devices.
thnaks for help

I have a similar question, but haven’t made it that far. I see no trace of airplay on djay for mac. can djay for mac use airplay? if not, why not.

I have 3 airport expresses and apple tv for streaming around the house. I love djay and djay remote. have them all, but need airplay. am I missing something? I know I can stream to ONE device from my phone, but not multiple (also could use some expansion there perhaps?)


So, what’s the deelio, it’s been 16 days since I dropped my question. anyone?


ps. I"m using os 10.6.8

bummer. that’s only a 3 month old OS. Having a pro tools system, there’s no way I’ll be going there anytime soon. any chance of including it in prior build? The program runs just fine on my system. I paid for it, so I’d love to have all the features that are included. Perhaps you could pass on my request to be the same as everyone else to the good folks in the coding departement

I will have a look at the audio midi setup when I’m up and running again. I’ve sold off my airports, upgrading them to wireless N to work with the current version of itunes, as they’ve become unsupported. thanks for the tip. maybe once you’ve added support for airplay in lion or snow leopard I can have a go. ( you guys know that snow leopard is still a very prevalent OS, right? ):

quoted from :…

"…few version 10.6 users have taken advantage, with Snow Leopard having lost just 6.6 share percentage points since Mountain Lion’s release, compared to more than double that—15.6 percentage points (or 33%)—for the more recent Lion.

Apple has backhandedly acknowledged continued robust usage of 10.6 by issuing a security a patch update for Snow Leopard in late September,…"

I see, so only apple software is able to use airplay in previous OS’s? How about the ipad/ipod version of djay. will you add support for multiple speaker airplay there?

or any airplay? I can’t actually see in version 1.6.1 of ipad djay how to play out to my apple tv.

I have the same question. I see on the master button “Airplay” but doesent work…can we explain how i have to do please ?

It works for me !!!
Thanks !!!
Juste one question again :
I see in audio midi setup :

  • 3 airports
  • 1 Apple TV 3
    but I dont see my Apple TV2
    An idea ?
    Than you for yours answers.:wink:
    Bests regards,

And what if we want to display on several Airplay devices ?