Djay; midi out to Lemur (ipad)

Hi All,

I made my first ever template in Lemur, for using Algorithm’s DJAY, see attached pic

I am having trouble getting midi back in to ipad… I am trying to get midi back from Djay to ipad to show the track speed indicator.

when in Djay midi configuration, the option to send midi back is dimmed. see in picture, highlighted in red.

I have Lemur Daemon setup to output & input to 0

any help please ? how to fix midi out …


Nice setup!

djay tries to match the MIDI input and output port using the port name. They either need to be the same or have the same prefix or suffix. If it doesn’t find an output port, the MIDI Out options are greyed out.

Can you change the port names to remove the “0” at the end (e.g. “Daemon Input” instead of “Daemon Input 0”)?

Checking with the developers it seems that the common prefix/suffix currently needs to be at least half as long as the device name, which is why the detection fails here.

I have forwarded the request internally to improve this. I’m sorry it seems that at this point we can’t help you from our side.

I was looking for an iPad Lemur Template for DJ Pro. Is this still alive and has anyone made any new ones since then?

thanks for reply.

although there is no option of changing name of Daemon Input 1 … there are like 8 inputs and outputs that are in that Lemur Daemon app.

other way I tried is using OSCulator … the problem with that is I cannot get the midi back into Lemur on ipad.

Lemur Daemon is best as it is so easy to setup and work with it.

I wish DJAY could support the numbers in ports i.e. Daemon Input 0

Thanks Anders for your reply and forwarding this concern to developers. I hope they can do some magic and I can see the fix in next update !! :slight_smile:

Glad I came across this, literally ran into this exact issue just now. Thanks Anders.

Nobody have made a Lemur template ?