Djay not faithful to traktor s2

how can i enable my traktor s2 to be able to map to djay ??
iv tried everything possible, the controller works perfect.

Anyone found a solution?

I stopped buying native instruments products when I found out that they LOCK the devices to work with their software only. Case in point: the NI Z1 would be a wonderful addition to DJAy for iOS – but it is LOCKED. This is directly from NI tech support.…


The above worked for me1!


Before you can map your controller, you need to set it into “MIDI mode”.

Download and install the necessary drivers and also Traktor (demo version). Then, launch Traktor and press the two “SHIFT” buttons on your S2 simultaneously. After this, you should be able to map your S2 with djay.
This thread might be helpful:…

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There is currently a bug with saving MIDI mappings for S2 but I found and posted a workaround for this issue.

hello there, was awesome help. been on it for a few hours now and kinda getting something wrong like in regards to the shift as well, have u got any idea of anyone who has completely mapped it out even if it has to be paid for i will, because it does entail some good amount of effort.


Is it possible that you send me your mapping? I have the s4… But maybe it works?

Hi there,

have you mapped the controller also with the Native Instruments Controller Manager?

Lukas E.

Please download the software and make sure the midi signals are getting transferred properly.

If this is anyhow not the case, please contact us right away.

Lukas E.

Any one that have a great mapping of Traktor S8, I cand do it good enough I think.
Many thanks
send it to


algoriddim djay pro kontrol s4mk2 mapping
Djay see the S4 I map all the Buttons But nothing works , It works in Djay midi window

No i Did not use Controller Maneger

Traktor s2 MK2 works with the djayPro software.

step 1) go to Traktor website and download the full driver/software package.( including the Traktor software demo)

Step2) navigate to this website to download a sample MIDI mapping

Step 3) Open djay Pro, you will be prompted to use Traktor m2 for output. click yet.

Step4) in settings, make traktor your output internal and external the 2nd deck option.

step 5 ) close djay pro, double click on the MIDI mapping that we downloaded and it will open djaypro, will tell you if you want to use this mapping for traktor, click YES.

step 6) close and re-open djay pro 1 more time, once open, hold down both shift keys on traktor and all lights will come on. you can go into MIDI stetting to change the mappings of keys but the one on the link seems to work great.

im trying to map my s4 mk2 to djay pro 2, it recognizes it in the midi window and asks to configure, but once i hit configure the window the pops up is blank, what can i do?