DJay not installing on iPad Mini 1

I’ve not used DJay for a number of years but it would be really useful for a party I have coming up.

I tried to download the app on to my ancient but fully functioning iPad Mini 1 but the app store said it wouldn’t install on this device. I updated the operating system but still no joy.

Will the current DJay app not function on such an old device? I used to use it years ago, I even played out with it once as an experiment!

Thanks for any advice



Which djay version did you used back in the days?

Also which iOS version do you have installed?

CheersLukas E.

I’m sure I’ve got both versions on my sons iPad mini 1.

I’ll check later

Hi Lucas

I used to use the original DJay, it was 5 years ago now.

I updated the operating system at the weekend to whatever is the latest version. This didn’t help btw!