Djay not responding to numark mixtrack pro 3 controls

I just got a Numark mixtrack pro 3. When I hook it up to my windows 10 computer, Djay pro recognizes the controller. I can set Djay to external mixer mode and the MIDI configuration is uploaded. But, for some reason I cannot control Djay with the mixtrack. The various buttons and knobs do nothing. I can load a track on my computer and have it play through speakers hooked up to the board, but have to do all the work on screen, the board controls do nothing. Even when on the configuration screen, where it says to press/move board controls to see them in the table motions are not recognized. What settings or configurations do I need to change to make this work?

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Can you go through the suggested steps in the following FAQ entry:…

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Hi, i seem to be having the same problem but the link you gave seems to have been taken down. Any help?