DJAY on Engine DJ devices

hi Algoriddim team,

i hope your Relationship to Inhouse is good?
still waiting for Rane four Support…

but are you working on mapping for engine DJ Hardware?
it would be great if we see support for DJAY on Prime 4, Prime Go and especially Numark Mixstream go.
including Monitor Support like Serato or Virtual DJ had…

that would be great…

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It may be coming in V5

One reason I still prefer Djay is the ability to edit tracks and playlists, prepare sets, and even work with just the iPad on the iPhone or iPad. Engine DJ, in particular, does not offer the latter. Nevertheless, I would like to use Denon devices with integrated displays, that would be “all-in-one”.

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Hi Dj Dash,

Would you know when is v5 coming out?


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I think June or September but, it’s coming soon I am sure. Devs can you comment?

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