DJAY on iOS Smart Playlists

When creating Smart Playlists there are a number of fields included that do seem to work. They are: Comments, Grouping and Rating. Have those been added for future functionality.

I have tried AAC and MP3 file types to no avail trying to get any of those to work.


This has been added to our issue tracker as a bug, and the engineers will take a look as soon as they can. Thanks for finding this!

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I am a long time user and now subscriber to Djay for iOS. My music is all DRM free in Apple Music. I download it to my iOS device where it plays in Djay with no issues.

I’ve recently tried using Smart Playlists in Djay. It works great when I filter on the Genre or Artist field. When I try using the Grouping or Comments field, I get no results.

Those tags are clearly showing as populated in iTunes. This may be a bug, but I’m open to any suggestions as to how I could check or get this working.


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I know you guys are working on fixing this, but also would like to suggest adding other fields that are tags in the music files like: BPM (i use MIK to tag those initially) and Composer (another field I use for informational purposes)

BPM should be a filter field. Are there any others?

The following fields would be useful as filters for Smart Playlists:

  • Composer
  • BPM (the one in the file tag, I am assuming the one DJay derives doesn’t save to the file). Maybe call them BPM and Djay BPM. A number of us use MIK or another software to fill that tag field.

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