Djay original app

So I have both the original djay app and djay 2 on my iPad Air 2, but I’ve always found the recording quality on 2 gets a little distorted. However since the latest update to IOS I no longer have my songs available in the original djay app, however they do sync to djay 2

Is the original djay app obsolete And non functional?

Hi Mark Davidson,

thank you for your post.
The recording quality should not be distorted in the first place, can you send us an exemplary recording file via and tell us which settings you are using + your gain routine.

Also you are always able to use an older tier app or software if you purchased it earlier.

Lukas E.

So the issue with dj 1 not finding my music may be mkre related to iTunes and xml music file and not the app itself is what you are saying ? If so I can also try to make an xml library file in iTunes, I just felt it was strange that the library was opening in day 2 and not the older version.