Djay 'play' button not responding

Morning Guys,

I’ve been running DJay faultlessly for years, as a wedding DJ I use it solely for wedding ceremony and background music.

Anyway, I’ve run it on various Ipads over the years, just the basic 2 deck version. I now have an intermittent fault that has really made me question whether I want to ditch it altogether. Remember, this is wedding ceremony music so I can’t afford for it to go wrong.

It started a few weeks ago when midway through the ceremony the ‘play’ button simply wouldn’t respond. I changed to DJay on a back-up device and got through. A colleague suggested upgrading to the paid version. I had some events where I required 4 decks, so it made sense to upgrade. At Saturday’s event, I had the same fault on the Djay pro version. Nothing would play. A quick ipad reboot and it was back to working again, but I suspect it’s only a matter of time before it happens again. Upgrading hasn’t made the problem go away. So before I ditch Djay completely and move to something like Go Button, I thought I ask on here to see if anyone can suggest a solution. My ipad says I’m running Djay Version 4.1.7 on the latest IOS version 16.5 Thanks

I’m having the same issue! It randomly will not play the next track even if I unplug my controller and plug it back in. I have to wait for the current track to end and load a song on that track while the other is frozen. Lots of awkward dead air and bad transitions. Why is this happening?

Hey @Iain_Baker - It’s good to see you again in the Community!

So sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing this issue with the play button not working. That certainly would be stressful, especially in a wedding situation!

Could you please update to the latest version of djay (4.1.9) and let us know if the issue persists?

@JK313 - Which version of djay are you currently on? Could you also please try updating to 4.1.9? Regarding not being able to load a track onto a deck, there is a setting to disable this so you can load a track, even when a song is already playing. You can find that in the djay preferences here:

I hope this helps! Looking forward to hearing back.