Djay precueing on Google Pixel book go

Hi there,
I purchased DJay pro on my Google Pixel book go and am using an external turntable (Pioneer DDJ 3K).
I am plugging headphones into my turntable and it isn’t giving me the precue audio but it is only playing on whatever is plugged into the aux input on my laptop.
Any ideas on how to make the precue audio come through on my headphones and the mix audio come through on my laptop’s aux output?
Many thanks

Hi @Sam_J,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

I see you have written that you are working with the Pioneer DDJ 3K but perhaps you are referring to the Pioneer CDJ-3000?

Am I right in assuming this as the Pioneer DDJ 3K is not a controller made by Pioneer?

Please note that the Pioneer CDJ-3000 is not a natively supported controller for djay on Android (Including the Pixel book) as shown in our compatible DJ gear page linked below.