DJay Pro 1.3.1 Cue points not saving! I NEED THIS!

Using latest DJay Pro for mac. Latest OS. Followed all that rigamarole to set up saving cue points using iCloud Drive. Can’t get any cue points to save!!! How can I save all my cue points please?

Hey David,
Not sure what devices you have, But if you are syncing iOS devices to your iTunes on your Mac you can cloud your cue points instantly.

In my iTunes, Devices, Summary, Backups.
My default BACKUP is set to
“Automatically back up to iCloud”
If i want to set some cues on my Mac and want instant clouding for my cues on my iOS devices,
I’ll choose “Back up to this computer”.
the choose “back up now”,“Apply”.
after Sync Is done, I Revert to my Default setting so that my devices will backup to the cloud as usual.
It’s good habit to back up any devices to a computer once in a while anyways.
This works for me, hope it works for you.

Hi David Ellsworth,

our apologies that you have to experience this. The problem is, i was not able to reproduce your issue. Could you give me some further informations, are all songs you are playing stored in iTunes?
Could you even send us one song where storing cue points is not possible via (subject: to Lukas Cue points)?

That would help us a lot.

Lukas E.

Hi David Ellsworth,

please try the following:

  1. select a track and set an exemplary cue point.
  2. Eject the track via “deck 1/2” -> Eject
  3. Close djay Pro
  4. Open djay Pro and see if the Cue point got saved.

Why on earth are cue points supposedly saved on iCloud? What was the thinking there? Makes no sense to me. The app should be self supporting. Did Apple force this behavior? Geez.

No, no, no. I said in my original post that I was using a Mac. What I’m saying tech support guys, is that the way it’s outlined here:… DOES NOT WORK. I need it to.

Just for an experiment, I used a 320kbps MP3 file. Dropped a cue point at 34 seconds and exited the app. Lauched DJay Pro again and the cue point is gone.

Saved the MP3 file to a separate m4a (iTunes format) and voila, the cue saves as expected!

What’s going on here? Shouldn’t metadata save with MP3 formatted files - especially if it works just fine on import to iTunes?

After more experimenting with files there must be a bug as there is no consistent reliability as to what is saved with what type of file. DISAPPOINTING.

Yes all songs in iTunes. File Sent.

Any followup Lukas? The sound of crickets is deafening.

This seems to keep cues saved, yes! Probably needs to be more automatic than requiring the selection of Eject for each track, right? Probably some magic code you guys can drop in the app in an update. Right?