Djay Pro 1.3 Update April 27 2016. Nice...

Just updated and will be giving the new version a 4 - 5 hour workout this evening.

Everything working well so far and enjoying the new features. Well done Algoriddim.

First impressions -

-Tracks seem to be loading to decks much quicker, almost instant.

-Coloured waveforms a nice addition and more detailed feedback.

-CPU load issue appears fixed.

-Great to see a variable grid option, although I haven’t had a chance to go into this feature much yet.

Overall, the new layout options and tweaks are working and no problems to date. Very pleased with the new update!!

Interested to hear how other users are going.

* One thing I did note - didn’t appear to be any news about the update on the official site or here. I happened on the update news via a google search for controllers.