djay pro 1.4.5 Search bar missing - found solution (for me)

I am running this djay pro version on a 2015 MBP and upgraded the macOS to Big Sur 11.7.6. I started up djay pro and the Search bar at the lower right corner was missing. I saw someone say to hold down Command-F and start typing any letter and it will show up. That did not work on my Mac and OS. So then I started holding down the Command button and hitting other letters. Finally after playing around, I found that hitting Command-V slides out a blank window where the Search area is located. I then hit Command-M, and the entire djay window drops down into the lower task bar. I then used my cursor to go down and click on the djay window in the task bar, and when the window opens up, the Search bar was restored. I tried searching and loading songs as normal from the Search window, and it worked. I shut down djay and did the same routine 4 times, and it worked every time (for me). Good luck!